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Patrick Tien, Instructional Technology Coordinator (ITC)


Long Branch is dedicated to ensuring the best possible access to integrating instructional technology tools into our school environment. It is our belief that all students and staff can increase learning, productivity and gain knowledge through the integrated use of technology. This year, every second grader will receive a digital learning device that will allow them to create their own personalized learning environment, collaborate with other, and participate in an enhanced digital learning experience.

A variety of technology tools are available to students and teachers. Our classrooms are equipped with a Dell teacher laptop, interactive white board for instruction and one to two student stations. All grades have access to weekly computer lab time.  Additionally, students in grades 3 – 5 have two laptop carts that are shared among the grade levels.  Our specialists and resource staff also have a laptop and the majority of them have an interactive whiteboard in their classroom. Some of our students are assigned Chrome books to use on a daily basis.

Teachers also have access to an iPad cart with 27 iPads to use for instruction or a set of 5 iPads for small group projects. Other instructional technology tools available are library research stations, printers, SMART student response systems, video digital cameras, Nooks, iPadMinis, Mac books for creative projects like making movies, and a TV studio that produces our weekly news program.

The 2014-15 school year, 80 second graders received iPads as part of the Digital Learning Initiative. The focus of the program at The Branch is to create a personalized learning environment for students to access information, collaborate and share their knowledge while exploring the impact of these digital learning devices on student writing.