Instructions to print to the copier

To Print to the Main Office Copier/Main Hallway Copier

To add copiers to your print list

  1. From the Start menu, select All Programs
  2. Click on Utilities
  3. Select APS Printer Installer
  4. In the APS Printer Installer window, click on Long Branch
  5. Select Main Office Copier and Main Hallway Copier from the list
  6. Click Install

Tech Tip: Please wait until the printer drivers are installed. The printer installer window will disappear when the installation is complete.

Tech Tip: The Main Hallway Copier is upstairs, next to the elevator. The Main Office Copier is in the main office work room.

What is a Locked Print Job?

The locked print function allows a user to enter a password to retrieve a document sent to the copier, meaning that the document will not be printed until the owner is at the copier and enter his/her password.  It is important you follow the steps listed below to setup your printing preferences.

To setup Printing Preferences for Locked Print Jobs

1.   From Start Menu

2.   Select Devices and Printers

3.   Right-Click on Main Office Copier or Main Hallway Copier icon

4.   Select Printing Preferences

5.   Select the One Click Presets tab

6.   Select Locked Print under Job Type

7.   Click on Details. Enter your last name in the User ID field and your Employee ID for Password

8.   Click Ok

9.   Click Apply

10. Click Ok

To retrieve your Print Jobs at the copier

1.   Select Printer from the main menu

2.   Select the Print Jobs tab

3.   From the list, select your UserID

4.   Select Job to be printed

5.   Select Print

6.   Enter your password using the number keys

7.   Press Ok

8.   Select Print

9.   Select Exit when done and return to Home

Tips to help reduce printing waste:

  1. Preview your document before you print: Take a final look at your document before you click the print button.
  2. Only print the page you need: You may choose to print a particular page or certain pages by easily selecting the page number or range of the pages you wish to print.
  3. Print to PDF: Instead of printing documents to paper, you can print them to a PDF file that can easily be emailed around or saved in a common location for others to view.
  4. The printer is not a copy machine: Avoid printing multiple copies of the same document. It’s a lot cheaper to use the copier.
  5. Printing in color is expensive. Try to reduce the size of photographs and eliminate backgrounds on drawings.
  6. When the printer toner is low on ink, by shaking the cartridge you’ll be able to extend the shelf-life by sometimes up to 1,000 pages more (for black cartridges only).
  7. Consider printing on colored printer paper to make your project stand out.
  8. Instruct students to ask for permission first before printing.
  9. Be cautious when printing from the Internet. Print current page or range of pages.
  10. Lastly, please claim your documents.

Directions for Locked Print from a MAC

  1.       Go to the Print dialogue for any program on your MAC.
  2.       When the print dialogue box pops up, select “Show Details” at the bottom if available.
  3.       Set “Printer” to the copier you wish to print to.
  4.       Under the “Pages” option, click the drop down menu and set it to “Job Log”.
  5.       In the options that appear, change “Job Type” to “Locked Print”.
  6.       Set “User ID” to the first letter of your first name and the first seven letters of your last name.  For example, if your name is “John Stevenson” use “JStevens”.
  7.       Set “Password” to a four-digit numerical PIN code of your choice.
  8.       Press “Print”.

At the copier, follow these steps:

  1.       On the bottom row of buttons on the copier’s control panel, press the “Printer” function.
  2.       On the touch screen, press “Print Jobs” tab.
  3.       Touch your username (ie “JStevens”)
  4.       Press “Print” in the lower right hand corner.
  5.       Using the numeric keypad, enter your numeric password.  (The one you created when you set up the Locked Print mode.)
  6.       Using the numeric keypad, select the actual number of copies of your job you would like to print.
  7.       You may press “Detailed Settings” to select features you’d normally choose when making a copy.
  8.       When ready, press “Print” to create the print job