Instrumental Music Program

Welcome to the 2021 – 2022 Long Branch Instrumental Music Program!

Fall 2021 Playing Procedures

  • All string classes can be played inside, with masks on
  • Band instruments can be played inside, if they have bell covers
    • Bell covers will be supplied by Arts Ed, however, due to cost, as well as delays in supplies – they may not be available for everyone (especially those that may be providing their own instruments)
  • If one or more of the band students in the class don’t have a bell cover, we will have to either play outside, or the students without the bell covers will have to “finger along” and not blow
  • In case of rain, or bad weather – band classes with instruments without bell covers will have to be “fingered” and “sizzled,” or given instruction to work on at home.


  • Watch our latest bucket drumming fun:
  • Most of our materials and information is now housed on our Instrumental Music Canvas Class. Follow the instructions below to access Canvas: Please be aware that not every student has access to the Canvas Class yet!
    • On the very top of this website, click on the link to Canvas, or click the Canvas link below. If you are on a device, click on the “three lines” – and the Canvas icon should show up at the top.
    • You will then be directed to the One Login screen
    • User Name is your Student ID# (lunch #) and your student should know their password. If you need help, please contact me.
    • From the Canvas Dashboard, click on Ms. Roth Music 2019-2020
    • Click on “Lessons” to view our lesson plans and what to practice for the week
    • On the left hand side of the page, underneath the “Home” page, you should see Flipgrid
    • If your student wants to make a Flipgrid video, click on Flipgrid and find the grid that your student wants to add to.
      • If you are on a computer, there is no need to download any program
      • If you are on a device, iPhone, or iPad, you may have to download Flipgrid (which is a free app), and then go back to Canvas to access Flipgrid within Canvas. The students should be able to access Flipgrid without having to provide an email address, or a “code.”
        Canvas link
  • Nuts and Bolts of the Instrumental Music Program – All students and families please read! 
  • Check out our performance repertoire!! 
  • Check out our Pyramid Repertoire for the last 20!!! Years!! 
  • Instrumental Music Recruitment Slides
  • Instrument Rental Online Form
  • Weekly Practice Chart


Clip art courtesy of Phillip Martin