Reading Activities for Home

Word Work Activities for Home

We recommend making flash cards at home of common sight words. By having flashcards available at home, you can practice quickly and consistently. Below are activities for you to do with your child to help them become more familiar with these words so when they come across them in reading and writing it can be automatic.

  • Wordo—Play just like the game Bingo, but this version uses sight words instead of numbers on a grid card.
  • Concentration—Sight word concentration cards can easily be made using index cards. Simply write each word on two cards, shuffle and lay face down to play.
  • Word Searches—Create word searches featuring sight  words or use one of the many available on the Internet.
  • Go Fish—Go fish cards can easily be made using index cards. Simply write each word on two cards, shuffle and deal to play.
  • Letter Magnet Spelling—To reinforce sight word spelling, provide the child with a set of letter magnets and a metal surface. Callout sight words and ask the child to use the magnets to spell the word.
  • Word Hunts– have your child look through book store find their sight words.
  • Word Wizard– Set a timer for 1-2 minutes. If the student recognizes the word, he or she keeps it. If a student does not recognize the word, it gets put in the back of the stack. Include the following cards to make the game more fun like zap (give all your cards back) or zing (give half your cards back) and see how many your child can get.
  • Tally it Up-read a story and tally the number of times you find certain sight words within the book.
  • Newspaper Hunt– cut out letters in magazines and newspapers to create the sight word.
  • Slapjack-Use the flashcards and put them in a pile face down. Flip the sight word over one at a time. As soon as someone(you or your child) knows the word, they will slap their hand on it and say it. If they say the word correct, they get to keep it, if not, you keep it.
  • Knock, knock– Turn the pile of flashcards over face down. Have your child “knock, knock” on the table. You say “who’s there?” they turn the card over and say the word.
  • Chant It– Pick a voice and orally spell the words out. You can use a baby voice, monster voice, grandma voice or any other funny way of saying it!
  • Clap and Snap– As your child orally spells the word, you clap the consonants and snap the vowels.

Games/Activities to help writing sight words

  • Use yarn, pipe cleaners, play dough etc. to form words
  • Print the words with your finger in flour, salt, beans, sugar, shaving cream etc.
  • See how many times your child can write the word in one minute.
  • Write sentences using the sight words.
  • Form the words out of objects: buttons, cereal, coins, pasta etc.
  • Write the words using stamps, stickers or sidewalk chalk.