Christopher Columbus


Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 in Genoa, Italy. After spending years working with his father as a weaver, he decided to become a sailor. He sailed around Europe for several years and eventually ended up in Spain.

Columbus had a lot of ideas about what the world was like. He didn’t realize how big the Atlantic Ocean really was and he didn’t know that North America existed! He also thought Spain was much closer to the Indies than it really was.  He thought that it would be easy to sail across the ocean to the Indies. Many sailors were looking for shortcuts to the Indies because there was a lot of gold, silk, and spices there.

Columbus asked the King and Queen of Spain to sponsor his trip across the Atlantic Ocean to Asia because he really wanted to find the western sea route to Asia. Eventually, they gave him three ships; the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. It was hard for Columbus to find enough sailors to go on the voyage with him because some people still thought the Earth was flat and other believed there were dangerous sea monsters in the ocean waters.

santa maria Columbus and his sailors sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in  search of the Indies. After about four weeks, they finally found land! Columbus did not find riches there, but he was convinced that the next island he reached would be the Indies.

Although Columbus never did find a short western sea route to Asia, he was the first European to discover a sea route to America and is also known for discovering the Western Hemisphere.