Christopher Newport

King James I Christopher Newport was an English explorer who was born in 1561.  Not much is known about his childhood other than the fact that he loved the sea.

He became a captain at the age of 30. Near Cuba, his ship met two Spanish  ships that were full of treasure. Captain Newport wanted the treasure for the Queen of England and started a bloody battle. During the battle, several of his sailors were killed and others were injured. Captain Newport even lost his right arm!

For the next few years, Captain Newport spent most of his time engaging in battles on the sea. He brought home lots of riches to England’s next ruler, King James I.

Seal of VA Company In 1606, Captain Newport was asked to join the Virginia Company. This company’s main job was to pay for a journey to Virginia so that a colony could be built there for England. Newport’s first journey to the New World was in December of 1606. Three ships set sail on the journey.

They were the Susan Constant, the Discovery, and the Godspeed. Captain Newport was the captain of the Susan Constant.

In April of 1607, they reached land, settling on an area near the mouth of a large river. Newport named the land Jamestown, Virginia and the river the James River in honor of their English sponsor, King James I. After all, he was the one who started the Virginia Company!

susan constant Captain Newport is also known for making three more trips between England and Virginia, bringing supplies and more people to the struggling Jamestown settlement. And, he was one of the first men to reach the Fall Line of the James River. After many years at sea, Captain Newport finally settled on the James River in Virginia and opened a small store. The city of Newport News, Virginia is named for Christopher Newport. He  died on August 15, 1617 at the age of 55, which was considered OLD at the time!