Math Activities at Home

Supporting Our Math Learners At Home (3/2/22 PTA Meeting)

Math at Home is a collection of K-5 activities that families can do together.

Talking Math With Your Kids

Research from the University of Chicago shows that simply talking about math at home with your children can help them get a deeper understanding of math and can boost their math performance.  Ask questions at the grocery store like, “How much money would it cost for 3 cans of beans?” and “How many more oranges did we buy than apples?” Have your children notice different shapes at the park.  Ask them “How many more exits until we get home?” Check out Bedtime Math and the hashtag #tmwyk on Twitter for more ideas!

Counting Collections

 For children in kindergarten through 2nd grade, counting collections are a great way to practice counting at home.  Students can count anything around the home like cereal, beans, pennies, hair clips, etc. Count out loud with your kids and ask them to group their items into 5s, 10s, or 100s to make counting easier. Counting collections can even be used with older students to practice their multiplication and skip counting!

Video with more information about Counting Collections

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Virtual Math Games & Lessons

  • NCTM Illuminations has dozens of games for all grade levels.  Use the search feature to the right to narrow down your grade range.
  • Greg Tang Math has games and puzzles for all ages
  • Brainpop for 4th-5th graders and Brainpop Jr. for all students K-5 (both can also be logged in through Clever)
  • AAA Math has thousands of interactive lessons for all grade levels
  • Internet 4 Classroom has resources for all grade levels
  • More math games here that can be searched for by grade level
  • ABCya has skill and logic games for all grade levels

Virtual Manipulatives

Manipulatives help students gain a conceptual understanding of the math they are learning.  Working with these tools can give students multiple ways to approach and solve problems.