Math Dice

Math Dice is an after-school club for 5th graders who want to practice their mental math skills with the fun, fast-paced game of Math Dice. A travel team of 4 players and 2 alternates will represent Long Branch at the APS county-wide elementary tournament.

For more information, reach out to Math Dice Coach, Celine Clark (

How To Play Math Dice

How to play Video

Players roll the dice as described below: winning a roll of the dice earns a player one point. Play continues until one player has won four points, or the best of seven points.

  1. To start, one player rolls the two 12-sided dice. Together, players combine the two numbers rolled to establish a Target Number.
  2. After the Target Number has been established, the second player rolls the three 6-sided Scoring dice. As soon as these dice have been rolled, they are in play for both players.
  3. Using each of the numbers on the dice once and only once, and combining them using any combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and/or powers, the two players work to calculate a math expression that comes as close as possible to the target. When using powers, you must use one or more of the scoring numbers to get your exponent.
  4. Once a player has calculated a number she’s satisfied with, she calls it out. The other player then tries to find a different math expression, using the same Scoring Numbers, that gets closer to the target than this. Players go back and forth until one player either hits the target exactly or the other player cannot find a closer number.
  5. When players agree that no one can find a better answer, the player with the closest answer must then state the equation that he used to get his result. If the equation is correct, that player gets the point. If the equation is incorrect or the player can’t remember the equation, the other player gets the point.
  6. As stated above, players then repeat this process, rolling Target and Scoring Dice again. First player to reach 4 points, wins the game.