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Opportunities for K-5 Students:

The 2022 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Virtual Literary and Visual Arts Contest

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led the struggle for equal economic, political, and social opportunities for all – a struggle that continues today. During Dr. King’s March on Washington in 1963, activists, athletes, scholars, families and people of many different races and backgrounds came together to advocate for equality in their communities. His legacy lives on today and inspires many individuals to carry out his dream and make a difference in their communities

PROMPT: Incorporating a quote from Dr. King, describe in writing or through visual arts how you, as a student, can get involved, take a stand, and support Dr. King’s mission and vision for equality; and inspire a more equitable, inclusive and peaceful Virginia.

CATEGORIES: Writing, Poetry, Visual Arts.

DEADLINE: Entries Due Thursday, Dec. 16, 5pm.


Parent Resources

Webinar: Supporting Your Child’s Writing When You are Not Their Teacher

The writing process is frequently stressful for students and may become an additional source of frustration for families during quarantine. Join Cori Paulet to discuss simple strategies you can use to reduce tensions and support your child’s writing without needing to be the expert.

Cori Paulet holds an MA in gifted, creative, and talented education from the University of St. Thomas, MN. Cori is an education consultant and writing coach.

Podcast: Tilt Parenting

This podcast aims at helping parents raising “differently-wired” kids do so from a place of confidence, connection, and joy.

Find more resources at

Questions? Contact Ms. Clark, Resource Teacher for the Gifted, at

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Picture that says Project Based-Learning (Math and Science)

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Free Webinar for Parents, offered by the Renzulli Center for Creativity, Gifted Education, and Talent Development: images that says Renzulli Center

Thursday, November 18, from 8 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (Eastern Time)

“Books and More for Promoting Literacy and Thinking in Kids” with Dr. Susannah Richards, associate professor of Education at Eastern Connecticut State University. Dr. Richards has a PhD in Gifted Education from the University of Connecticut, where she studied talented readers.

Looking for recommendations to ignite, delight, and cultivate lifelong readers? This session will highlight recently published books that kids will want to binge read. To find out more, click here!


Article: “Preparing Creative and Critical Thinkers”

Students who are competent in not only the basics of content areas but also the basics of productive and creative thinking will be lifelong learners, knowledge creators, and problem solvers who can live and work effectively in a world of constant change.

Podcast: The Neurodiversity Podcast 

Emily Kircher-Morris, LPC has dual Masters degrees in Counseling and Education, and specializes in the area of giftedness throughout the lifespan. She founded the Gifted Support Network, an organization which provides resources and support to parents and educators of gifted and high-ability children of St. Louis.

Questions? Contact Ms. Clark, Resource Teacher for the Gifted, at

Banner of the October Gifted Newsletter. Information about the Critical Thinking Strategy

How it supports learning:
  • Activates prior knowledge of a topic
  • Builds connections
  • Promotes synthesizing new learning with existing understanding
How to use it at home: Ask your child to:

  • give examples and non-examples of a new concept they’ve learned about
  • define or list characteristics of a new term or concept they’ve learned about
Curriculum connections:
  • 5th Grade Science–States of matter; forms of energy
  • 4th Grade Social Studies–Fall line, plateau, peninsula
  • 3rd Grade Writing–Narrative writing
  • 2nd Grade Math–Sum, difference, equation

    *Check out these other samples and variations.

Creative Thinking Strategy: FLUENCY Image of the Tiny Art Show

Fluency is all about generating a lot of different ideas about a given topic, item, or topic. Practicing fluency can help develop creative thinking!

*Students were encouraged to think creatively to turn post-it notesinto artwork for Ms. Guiffré and Ms. Diaz’s “Tiny Art Show.”

How it supports learning:
  • helps for generating new and original ideas, supports imagination, can lead to unexpected connections, builds perspective-taking, supports problem-solving and conflict-resolution.
Some ideas for practicing fluency at home:
  • Ask, “What other uses can you think of for this [common item]?”
  • Ask, “How many words can you think of that mean the same or almost the same as ________?”
  • Write down all the things associated with the month of October.
  • List all the things that are blue or have the word blue in them.
  • Generate solutions to a problem.
  • Play the game Scattegories! (generate a list of words A-Z starting with a given letter).


William and Mary’s Fall Virtual Saturday Enrichment Programs (SEP) image that says William and Mary Center for Gifted Education

(for students and parents!)SEP is an academically challenging program with an emphasis on inquiry-based learning for students. The program recognizes the importance of allowing able youngsters to explore additional specialized areas of science, mathematics, humanities, and arts. Course activities are compatible with the expected achievement of talented students at specific grade and age levels.  Fall SEP 2021 brochure available here.


  • Session 1: October 16, 23, & 30.
  • Session 2: November 6, 13, & 20.
  • (*Parent Seminars returning on October 23, 2021.*)
  • Registration: Open now! Select this link for more information.

The Betty Award: Writing Contest for Kids 8-12 Image that says the Betty Award

Enter now for the Fall 2021 contest! The deadline for the Fall entries is October 16, 2021. Entries can be fiction, non-fiction, or poems. Maximum 1,000 words.


Podcast: Adventures in Being Gifted Going back to school, especially during a pandemic, can be stressful. A veteran school counselor talks with us about ways to deal with anxieties while remaining hopeful. Book: Creativity Journal for Kids! Fun activities to spark imagination and inspire self-expression

Questions? Contact Ms. Clark, Resource Teacher for the Gifted, at

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