Notes from your Webmaster!

11/1/2017 – If you are having trouble with Smart Notebook, follow these instructions

Every staff member is able to edit their “Staff Page.” Let me know if you need help to set it up. You can add information about yourself there, as well as links to your Google Classroom site, etc.

Handout on “Creating Teacher Webpages on the New APS WordPress Site”

Claire Peters, Asst. Principal at W-L, has made some excellent videos to show you how to set up your staff page:

Training Video Links to

Video 1 – Logging In

Video 2 – The Dashboard

Video 3 – Making a New Page

Video 4 – Inserting Media and Images

Video 5 – Making a Gallery

Video 6 – Editing your Menu

Video 7 – Inserting Links to Google Calendar and Twitter

Directions for Locked Print from a MAC

Directions for putting a Lock Code into a document that you are trying to print to a School Copier

  1.       Go to the Print dialogue for any program on your MAC.
  2.       When the print dialogue box pops up, select “Show Details” at the bottom if available.
  3.       Set “Printer” to the copier you wish to print to.
  4.       Under the “Pages” option, click the drop down menu and set it to “Job Log”.
  5.       In the options that appear, change “Job Type” to “Locked Print”.
  6.       Set “User ID” to the first letter of your first name and the first seven letters of your last name.  For example, if your name is “John Stevenson” use “JStevens”.
  7.       Set “Password” to a four-digit numerical PIN code of your choice.
  8.       Press “Print”.

At the copier, follow these steps:

  1.       On the bottom row of buttons on the copier’s control panel, press the “Printer” function.
  2.       On the touch screen, press “Print Jobs” tab.
  3.       Touch your username (ie “JStevens”)
  4.       Press “Print” in the lower right hand corner.
  5.       Using the numeric keypad, enter your numeric password.  (The one you created when you set up the Locked Print mode.)
  6.       Using the numeric keypad, select the actual number of copies of your job you would like to print.
  7.       You may press “Detailed Settings” to select features you’d normally choose when making a copy.
  8.       When ready, press “Print” to create the print job